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What is aluminium composite panel?

Why are so many signs printed on aluminium composite panel these days? What is it exactly? Lets look at this topic a little closer.

Aluminium composite panel is an extremely versatile rigid substrate that can be used for signage, direct printing, decorative screens, building cladding and more.


The make up of a aluminium composite panel sheet

The panels consist of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a low density polyethylene core. Using a special high-level polyester paint the panel comes with a high glossy surface on one side and matt finish on the other making it ideal for direct printing.

Some of the benefits of using this substrate over say corflute or PVC include up to 10 year warranty (depends on the supplier), extremely flat surface area, weather and corrosion resistant, light weight (40% lighter than solid aluminium), easy to maintain and install. This makes for perfect use outdoors.

This material is most commonly used by sign writers for building and or shop fronts and virtually any other form of outdoor advertising (think signs at football ovals, fence signs) and many more.

The panels usually come in 2mm 3mm and 4mm thicknesses. iCatching Signs chooses to work with 3mm thick panel but it depends on each project/job. In terms of sheet sizing we can cut to your desired size but we buy in sizes of  1200mm x 2400mm and 3000mm x 1500mm.

There is a varied amount of colours that the panel comes in a range of colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, charcoal, brushed aluminium, gold mirror and silver mirror in addition to our white and black. iCatching Signs more often than not buy white and directly print your desired artwork onto the panel and trim to size.

Such a versatile substrate and highly recommended when you next have an outdoor signage project.

For more information or for a quote simply contact iCatching signs today http://www.icatchingsigns.com.au/get-a-quote/

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Aluminium composite panel

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