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Mobile LED Screens

With high quality resolution these Mobile LED Screens have the ability to engage with consumers like any other fixed digital sign but have the advantage of complete mobility giving you the flexibility to take your message on the road.

iCatching Signs LED Trailer

Aria’s trailers are one of the best designed LED trailers in the world and finished off in a way that will set you apart from your competitors.

Along with the superior graphics you can expect with Aria Digital you can also expect that the look and feel of the trailer design meets your branding requirements. Our design staff will work with you to completely tailor make the exterior features of the trailer to suit your brand.

Why you should speak to iCatching Signs Adelaide

Generate Big Profits

As with all of our products the key to success is creating screen content that will engage with consumers. Part of purchasing a screen through iCatching Signs will involve tailored marketing plans to ensure that you have the tools to make your screen earn big dollars for your business.

Branding Options

Our slick design is one thing but we also offer tailor made trailers to ensure that the LED Trailer is professional in look and represents your brand to the best of its potential. Ask our staff about this option, at a very small charge to cover costs it is a worthwhile option.

LED Screen

All trailers use the Silan LED Globes (see LED quality) meaning a quality picture for longer. There are two standard sizes, our largest and most popular is 2.6m x 1.6m. Our slightly smaller economical version is 1.8×1.3m.

Trailer Design

Trailers are designed and built right here in Australia. Built using high quality materials they are designed to last. Trailers are built to provide a functional platform for your LED screen while also offering a stylish design.

Screen Management

There are a few options when it comes to managing your screen content. iCatching Signs will discuss the options. These days wireless access to the screens is the most popular which can give you the ability to change your screens content from anywhere in the world. There is also software that will help manage multiple screens.