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LED Digital Signage

LED Digital Signage is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of communicating with consumers. It allows business big advantages over traditional signage that is leading to huge increases in revenue for those willing to invest.

Not only can digital signage offer huge advantages from a visual perspective but also puts the sign owner in complete control allowing real time communication with customers. When that communication is done correctly it engages with consumers and leads to huge spikes in revenue time and time again.

Scroll down the page for a brief outline on some of the LED products on offer. For detailed information please visit our partner company at www.ariadigitalscreens.com.au

What Makes LED Signage really work for your business

Generally speaking businesses use LED signage to help generate sales and grow revenue, this is achieved time and time again when the correct process is followed. There are three key elements to a successful LED Screen implementation:

The Product

Aria Digital Screens only uses quality components. Their product procurement selection criteria is robust. This means that customers whose purchase LED through them have peace of mind the investment will last for years to come and continue to provide good returns.


Content is vitally important to a successful LED screen. Aria Digital Screens will work with your staff an provide training on how to maximise the return on your investment. Training will include how to prepare graphics for maximum impact, how to engage with customer’s daily, what wording to use, and loads more including some out of the box ideas to get noticed.

Content Management

We have the expertise to match you up with a content management system that suits. Our software is easy to manage and provides many features including scheduling, brightness control, multiple media formats and more.

Indoor LED

Aria Digital Screens small and large indoor LED displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for indoor arenas such as:

  • Retail Shops and Shopping Malls
  • Shipping and Airport Luggage, Arrivals and Departures
  • Hotel Lobbies and Entertainment Venues
  • Cinemas, Theatres and Exhibition Centres
  • Sporting Venues (Aquatic Centres, Football Stadiums)


Semi-Outdoor LED

Aria’s small and large semi-outdoor digital displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for outdoor areas that are partially protected from outdoor elements. Locations such as:

  • Hotel Entertainment / Beer Gardens
  • Airport, Shipping and Rail Concourses
  • Shopping/Atrium Malls
  • Sport Arenas, Aquatic Centres, Football Stadiums
  • Commercial Precincts

Outdoor LED

Our Aria Digital Screens outdoor LED displays provide brilliant, high impact solutions for outdoor locations such as:

  • Retail Shops, Shopping Centre Car-Parks, Buildings and Roofs
  • Automotive Sales & Service Centres
  • Sport Stadiums, Oval Scoreboards and Event Video/TV Broadcast
  • Airport, Rail and Shipping Precincts and Corridors
  • Hotel Vacancy/Availability & Room Promotions
  • Commercial and Government High-Rise Developments
  • Transport Corridors including Freeways, Motorways and Expressways