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Our top signage tips

Our top signage tips are here and free to use at your peril. Choosing a quality sign is important. A sign is probably the most important first impression your potential customers will encounter when they visit or pass your premise.

This is your opportunity to communicate your brand. The challenge though is that the customer will decide in a very short time if your brand resonates with them and this may be the difference between doing business or not.

We encourage you to ask these three questions around the actual product and of your signage provider.

It is vital that the sign you receive is the sign that’s going to do what you want it to. Lamination is one example of something that can be left off a quote and you may not even realise its importance. If your sign is outside and you plan on it lasting then make sure the quote includes laminate. It will ensure your sign lasts many years longer than it would without. Did you know there are special UV laminates too? If your sign is to be placed in a north facing direction then we’d highly recommend you exploring this option.

Ask questions on the vinyl, some are only designed to be up for a short term, cheaper yes but you will run into problems down the track if you plan on your sign being up for more than a few years. There are some vinyls that are low tak – easily removed and others that are high tak – used to fix to some tricky surfaces and or for long term adhesion.

Always ask for copies of your final artwork or designs, we deal with so many companies who do not have high quality versions of their artwork including logos, if your sign company has just printed something large then they will have your artwork. Make sure you keep the versions safe as it will save you time and money in the future.