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Why use One way vision ?

Why use One way vision ?

One way vision is printable perforated self adhesive vinyl used primarily to display graphics and images. When you apply this media to the desired surface (mainly an exterior window) – your audience will see the advertisement. However, from the inside (behind the window) you can see right through the film/media.

One way vision is great for office windows, shop fronts and most popular for vehicles, Where by you still require light penetration and the ability to see out.

Alternatively you can choose to cover the desired area with standard vinyl, light will still penetrate. As you can expect you will not be able to see out.

It ultimately comes down to the area in which you want covered and price. One way vision as you’d expect is about 30-40% more expensive than standard vinyl.

If you would like to visit several sites around Adelaide to view one or any of iCatching Signs one way vision job installations please get in touch and they will provide you with the addresses.

iCatching Signs are the experts so give them a call to discuss your requirements and for a free no obligation quote http://www.icatchingsigns.com.au/contact/

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