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Entertainment venues are continually searching for ways to meet and exceed customer expectations while keeping operational costs under control. Digital signage can meet these requirements.

Digital Signage is ideal for a wide range of uses within the entertainment industry. From local information, third party advertising, in house specials to exhibition information digital signage can lift your brand and engage with consumers like never before.


  • Seamless and stylish displays draw customers to concession stands with high-definition menu images
  • Remote management system simplifies strategic use of tailored content


  • Easily deployed and developed creative content enhances visitors’ experience of exhibitions
  • Interactive large-scale displays highlight on-going exhibits and events

Convention Centers

  • Embedded content authorship tools create eye-catching information layouts
  • Highly compatible scheduling system increases venue bookings


  • Clear, vibrant images increase crowd excitement when live-streaming the game
  • Seamless connectivity to external sources of game analysis enhances the viewing experience


  • Simplified content creation and deployment make it easy to heighten player excitement
  • Extensive compatibility with gaming systems reduces display control costs with remote management